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Our store is currently closed. You are welcome to look around but we are not currently accepting orders.


  • We sell both new and used parts. All used parts will be washed and culled of chipped or dented parts. If it isn't a piece we would build with we will not sell it to another. New parts are stored seperately, but some minor scratching should be expected as they are shipped together from Lego and from us. 

  • Parts are typically packaged in small ziptop bags. We use whichever bag is at hand and reuse them often.  If it is a mixed order, New & Used, the New items will be labeled as such. 


  • We ship mostly in bubble mailers unless your order is oversized.  We often reuse boxes that have been sent to us; no use in generating more cardboard. We DO NOT reuse bubble mailers.  If you want your order specially wrapped or packaged, please let us know and we will do our best to accomodate your request.


  • All packages are mailed using First Class Parcel service unless otherwise requested. 


  • Used manuals are exactly that, Used.  They will very rarely be in pristine condition. Any rips, tears, or major wrinkling will be noted in the description. 


  • International orders: We fill out customs forms completely.  We will not claim your package is a gift and will not undervalue its worth.  Buyers are responsible for all VAT fees.  Tracking will be included where available, but otherwise the customs number will be provided as proof of shipment. 


  • Allergies:  If you are allergic to cats, dogs or guinea pigs do NOT buy from us.  


  • Refunds:  If you cancel your order after payment has been received, your refund will be MINIUS any PayPal fees PLUS a $1.50 restocking fee.

*** Beginning Oct 15, 2017, we will be collecting sales tax for the state of GA. ***

 Last Updated: 12 Dec 2019